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Roof Top
Area Riservata
2nd floor
total surface: 600 sq mt
plus private roof garden
five double rooms
3 bathrooms
multimedia room
on private roof garden:
tree greenhouses,
a chicken run, an apiary
Annexed to: Basic Loft 160 sq mt
The People on the Move loft, also known as a guest house, is the residence of BasicNet Group Founder and President Marco Boglione, who lives there with his family. It is the former weaving area of Maglificio Calzificio Torinese, it was renovated on different levels and includes a vast central space that on occasion becomes a small playing field for five-a-side football, basketball or hockey on rollerblades. The dining area is on the middle level, equipped with a professional kitchen often used for working lunches. The master bedroom a steel prefab designed like an American country house with adjoining silos housing a walk-in closet stands on the ground floor next to a bathroom built inside a polycarbonate greenhouse. As the family grew, the smaller Basic Loft was annexed to the People on the Move loft.
On top there is a private roof garden, with a chicken run, three urban vegetable gardens and an apiary. Two twin greenhouses are home to a workshop for motorbikes and bicycles, and a kitchen with a lounge and a music room, respectively.