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Area Riservata
BasicGallery MoodRoom
ground floor
total surface: 699 sq mt
main entrance:
Corso Verona, 15C
The BasicGallery MoodRoom is a space dedicated to displaying vintage items and some of the most recent styles by the BasicNet Group’s main brands: Kappa®, Robe di Kappa®, K-Way®, Superga®, Briko® and Sebago®. A substantial historical archive exclusively made up of apparel and accessories, carefully selected by brand managers, and set up in early 2021 in the spacious, 700 sq mt open space on the ground floor of corso Verona 15/c, former seat of Temporary Museum Torino. The aim of the BasicGallery MoodRoom is to provide designers from BasicNet’s R&D centres – as well as external designers working on co-branding projects or special collections - with a useful and evocative tool for inspiring the creation of new, future collections coherent with the reference brand’s DNA and its heritage. A cross between an exhibition and an archive for consulting strongly identified products, the BasicGallery MoodRoom also houses historical display cases containing memorabilia, original adverts and iconic items from every brand, providing inspiration and at the same time making the place more welcoming. Large meeting tables are available for the developers’ brainstorming sessions. The BasicGallery MoodRoom is alive and ever-changing: over time, different products can be added to those on show according to the decisions of brand managers. All the styles on display are also to be found on BasicGallery’s website and may also be temporarily taken out of the BasicGallery MoodRoom for creative purposes thanks to a positioning system. Each item from BasicGallery has a barcode allowing its position to be known in real time through the system.