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Area Riservata
is located in via Padova 55, Turin
1st floor
total surface: 430 sq mt
BasicGallery is the historical archive of the BasicNet Group, and it also includes the historical archives of Maglificio Calzificio Torinese, established in Torino in 1916 and acquired in 1994 by Marco Boglione, who revolutionized its business model, and renamed it BasicNet. BasicGallery is home to hundreds of thousands of items, memorabilia, documents, clothing collections, vintage advertising, prototypes, vintage computers (with a special focus on the 1975-1985 decade), and obviously the main textile and sewing machines used by Maglificio Calzificio Torinese in over a century of activity. Thanks to an innovative archiving and preservation system, and through, all references are traced, easily accessed and may be managed in real time from anywhere in the world. BasicGallery carries out two main activities: researching and acquiring materials for the collections and archiving their references, after they have been restored (if necessary), photographed, and catalogued, by generating a unique code applied to them with a specific barcode. Thanks to an ad hoc IT system, it is possible to access all the information pertaining to a single object, online: date, location, description, properties and quotation. The location allows us to always know exactly where a reference is. BasicGallery also takes care of distributing memorabilia between the Groupís different branches and offices, retail stores, franchises, in-house or external exhibitions, cultural studies and museum loans.